Thursday, 1 October 2009

Catalogue we love: Bravissimo

Nature dictates that I will never be a Bravissimo customer, but that’s no reason not to love the catalogue that caters for buxom women for its friendly yet informative copy and figure-enhancing advice.

Yes, nearly every lingerie catalogue features some sort of explanation of bra shapes like the difference between a balconette and a full-cup bra. And yes, it may also highlight which bra can be worn strapless. What I especially like about Bravissimo is that it goes that extra step. The copy for every item in the catalogue includes a benefit. Take the Tutti Frutti bra for example: “Perfect for parties, this boob-boosting silk plunge bra will give you an eye-popping cleavage and plenty of va va voom!” or the Porcelain bra: “Some booby girls prefer this seamless bra for its cut, which is slightly higher in the cups to comfortably accommodate more ample boobs”. Unline some lingerie catalogues, which get away with simply stating the fabric, colour and cut, Bravissimo advises which bra gives better support, which looks good under T-shirts, and which is super-stylish but comfy enough for everyday wear.

Even more I like the catalogue’s clothing section. As well as bras Bravissimo sells dresses, tops and coats that flatter bigger busts. One of the pages features some tips to “find a coat that flatters your boobilicious shape”. It compares a size 8 mac bought on the high street with a Bravissimo mac. Arrows point to the ordinary mac’s shortcomings (“double breasted adds extra bulk”, “waist appears thicker”) and to Bravissimo’s triumphs (“unique tailoring allows space for your boobs and defines your waist”). To find out your Bravissimo clothes size, the catalogue has a handy guide to “curviness size”—ranging from Curvy to Super Curvy depending on bra size. Customers order their regular dress size and specify where they are on the curvy scale—that’s what I call hassle-free shopping!

What this catalogue shows is that Bravissimo knows exactly who its customer is and what her concerns are. It knows that she struggles to find the right fit on the high street and gets frustrated with tops that gape. It does an excellent job of making it as easy as possible to find the right bra for the right occasion, at the right price with minimal fuss. It’s so hard to find fault with the catalogue, I’d definitely be a Bravissimo customer if I could.—MT


  1. A good review of an excellent catalogue. It always great images complemented by informative and descriptive copy. Well done Bravissimo.

  2. Does anyone know who does their colour management? It is brilliant

  3. The colour management, I believe, is produced by Progression. The contact telephone number is 01525 400 969