Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Huh of the day: inaccurate reflection

Today I received a catalogue selling a range of upscale mirrors and frames. The covering letter opened with: “It is our pleasure to enclose our brochure and price list for 2008.” Come again? We’re now 12 days into 2010 and I am still getting covering letters referencing 2008 price lists--seriously, is it that difficult to amend a letter?

Even worse is that at the bottom of the letter the company stipulates that prices are held for three months only. So what on earth is the point of mailing a 2008 price list in 2010?

It rings alarm bells that the company may be heading for the wall if it cannot even be bothered to update a price list. And I imagine there’s nothing worse for a mirror specialist with an image problem.--MT

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