Friday, 12 February 2010

Valentine’s email we heart: Graham and Green

This year I have felt more than a little underwhelmed by the Valentine’s Day marketing emails I’ve received. My inbox has been heaving with lovey-dovey offers, but nothing’s grabbed me. It’s a case of the same-old, same-old I’m afraid.

That is, apart from this email I received from decor and gifts cataloguer/retailer Graham & Green.

Why I love it:

1. Timely
Received on 2nd February, the email meant I had plenty of time to take advantage of any offers it contained. I also received a follow-up on 7th February to remind me of the promotion. Just the one message and I might have forgotten about Graham & Green, too many messages would induced even more Valentine’s ennui. (Listen up Figleaves—six Valentine-themed emails since 2nd February is a tad excessive).

2. Eye-catching subject line
Few could resist a headline that promised a treat worth £500. I personally am a sucker for a good email incentive. The line “Win a Valentine's Day treat worth £500 from Graham and Green!‏” also evokes that the treat might be for me, the recipient, rather than having to spend it all on my other half.

3. Good-looking creative
Love the Art Deco font, and the contrast of the pink and the black. Knock-out type (white-on-black) is more difficult to read, but here, in my opinion, it works.

4. The main event
The prize is worth winning. Even the runners’ up prize is desirable.

5. Good merchandise balance
So many of the emails I’ve received have been the merchants’ regular stock propped up against roses or other pink stuff. Also, most gifts appeared skewed to a female recipient. The gifts for the guys were mostly uninspiring aftershaves, or too-expensive gadgets. This is why I like the Graham & Green email: his and hers gifts at a variety of price points—like a leather satchel for £85 or Pantone-coloured cufflinks for £39. There were also some ideas to make your home a more romantic setting too, and each category linked back to the Graham & Green website where more could be found. All in all, this was a very well thought out email that stood out amongst so many other “me-too” offers.--MT


  1. You've hit the nail bang on the head - when did Valentines become just about the girls? Surely it's for both partners?!