Tuesday, 3 January 2012

CV appeal

While the world of recruitment may have adjusted in the methodology, the main aim has always remained the same: matching the best candidates with the correct role.

A study produced by job-search website The Ladders surveyed executive-level recruiters on subjects regarding the job-search process. The survey looked into the work of recruiters and the essential advice needed for candidates to best deal with them.

The study showed that out of 134 executive-level recruiters, 110 said they source their candidates from job postings. It was closely followed by 107 recruiters saying they source candidates via social media.

It also showed that the average time recruiters spend reviewing resumes is around 21 to 30 seconds. Further, 81 percent of recruiters believe that a great CV can turn an average-looking candidate into a great candidate.

Recruiters said that the most common mistake on a CV is language and grammatical errors, with the second most common mistake being “too much information” and third, “no awards listed”. Take heed, the survey identified that around 75 percent of CVs that contained language and grammatical errors were rejected immediately.

Finally, to be successful in any job search, The Ladders advised candidates to remember the following steps:
1. Spend time making sure that you have an absolutely faultless CV.
2. Only send a CV to relevant recruiters.
3. Only apply for positions that are relevant to your skills and experience.--JD

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  1. Elaborate formatting, Irrelevant information and Jargon / abbreviations are the biggest mistakes that people do today.

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