Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dart’s data: the mobile issue

It’s commonly accepted that mobile is becoming an ever more popular shopping channel with consumers, so with this in mind this week’s Dart’s Data takes a look at some interesting reports showing that even though mobile is gaining traction with consumers, not all retailers are jumping on the m-commerce bandwagon.
  • A report by the MoBank Group, a specialist in creating systems for mobile transactions, estimates that 80 percent of retailers currently are not supporting m-commerce despite 15 percent of all online traffic coming through the mobile channel. That equates to closing your website for one day a week, suggesting that approximately £10 billion of commerce is being lost each year.
  • A report by Juniper Research reveals that the total value of mobile coupons will exceed $43 billion globally by 2016 as coupons are increasingly delivered by mobile apps, an eightfold increase from $5.4 billion in value used in 2011.
  • A study by shopping website highlights that 60 percent of consumers would avoid using their mobile as a payment tool, while 17 percent stated they would be interested but would worry about the technology working. The most common reason for avoiding mobile payments was safety (36 percent). Consumers said that they would trust Visa (30 percent), PayPal (20 percent) and MasterCard (18 percent) the most when it comes to handling mobile payments, whereas Apple (6 percent) and Google (4 percent) were at the other end of the scale.

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