Monday, 13 August 2012

This month’s must reads

The August issue of Direct Commerce is out now. If you’re a subscriber, here's what you can expect:
* Special focus on multichannel and how retailers can work to close the multichannel divide.
* Herschell Gordon Lewis returns with his irreverent style as he discusses making a monumental discovery in your copywriting.
* Strictly business—how business-to-business firms can make use of DRTV, a predominantly b-to-c tactic
* Plus the latest news, a website review, Q&A with…, and much more.

If you don’t subscribe, you can
view a taster edition of the latest issue; but remember, the only way to read the magazine from cover to cover is to subscribe. A one-year subscription also gives you full access to the website and an archive of past issues.

To have the print edition of Direct Commerce magazine delivered to you, or for more information, contact us on 01271 866112 or

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