Friday, 5 April 2013

Email we love: The Gift Library

Whereas this February’s Catalogue Log bemoaned the lack of mailers’ springtime originality, email marketers are wooing us with a little more creativity. Our favourite email of the spring so far is from the Gift Library.

Titled “Love your Dog, Love your Garden: New Arrivals to put a Spring in your Step”, we were instantly won over by the subject line. We were then greeted by an adorable pooch and his training whistle and a selection of just seven items to peruse, meaning we weren’t overwhelmed by too much choice. We also love the way the email lays out its top picks, the greys and browns contrasting with the red rose and shiny watering can.

Finally, by using the teaser “Introducing Maslin & Co… find out more”, we were intrigued enough to click through and explore. All proving that the Gift Library has done its homework when it comes to email marketing best practice.--MT

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