Monday, 10 August 2009

Chat-up lines

Received from Bonprix an email with an intriguing subject line: “Let’s take it to the bedroom!” Now, maybe it’s because my husband’s been out of town for several weeks, leaving me on my own, but I wasn’t expecting the message to be about... low-priced, family-friendly pyjamas and bedding. Although I immediately opened the email, I wonder if some recipients might have been turned off, especially if like me they regularly receive spam with similar, though more explicit, subject lines. Then again, there was one big hint that this message wasn't selling Viagra or enhancement aids: All of the words in the subject line were spelled correctly.

Another subject line that caught my eye was from Celtic Sheepskin: “At last! The sun has got his hat on!” I received it Friday night, as we headed into a glorious weekend. This message really made the most of the immediacy of the medium; Celtic Sheepskin was able to wait until a sunny weekend was a dead cert before hitting the send button, with no worries about missing the limited window of opportunity. I do wonder, though, how many weeks the cataloguer had to sit on this particular message until we were finally graced with the appropriate weather!--SC

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