Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Clever like a fox

Frugi's loss is its customers' gain. The children's apparel cataloguer apparently keeps chickens on its premises, and yesterday it mentioned on its Tweeter feed that a fox had devoured four of them. Hours later, Frugi sent out an email with the subject line "Find out why Mr Fox is in the Frugi doghouse..."

Superimposed atop a photo of chickens was an orange cartoon fox labeled "Cruel fox". The brief copy explained that because of the murder of the chickens, the staff want to rid the warehouse of its line of shirts adorned with a cartoon fox similar to the one shown in the email. "So, we're giving away a FREE Mr Fox Top with every order over £45". The discount code to receive the shirt, by the way, is "POORHENS". If you're looking for an impromptu marketing email that epitomises a company's brand image, this is it.--SC

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