Wednesday, 14 April 2010

GetTheLabel gets it

In recent months we learnt that fewer than half of retailers have a presence on social networks. From anecdotal evidence it seems that even those that do use social media are failing to integrate them into their email marketing campaigns. That’s why this email from discount apparel etailer GetTheLabel caught my attention.

Here’s what I liked about it:

1. It was personalised—the subject line was “Miri - So you think you know the 80's”? I don’t actually profess to know the 80s—I didn’t grow up in the UK, so everything I know about the 80s was learnt once the decade was over. But still, now I felt I had something to prove. GetTheLabel had succeeded in persuading me to open the email.

2. It linked to a Facebook Quiz—and that’s all it did. There were no products promoted in the email. However, by clicking through to the quiz, respondents allowed GetTheLabel to access their presumably rich Facebook data. The retailer also added tracking code to the click, so it can measure exactly how successful this email was in generating opens and click-throughs. On the quiz I was greeted with questions like "what commercial was Michael Jackson filming when his hair caught fire?", and "which female tennis player won Wimbledon the most times in the 80s?". Before getting my results I was invited to share the app with my friends so they could do it too. This is a neat way for GetTheLabel to spread its message (and discount code, see below) to a wider audience.

3. There was a reward after all—GetTheLabel incentivised the quiz with a 10 percent discount on spends of more than £50. I've blocked countless of pointless Facebook quizzes from my profile, and I am sure others have done the same. But by offering a tangible reward, GetTheLabel has more chance of sustaining attention spans. Also, on the results page GetTheLabel gave me the option of trying more quizzes, returning to my profile, or clicking through to shop at its site. I opted for more quizzes, where I found three more quizzes that GetTheLabel had devised, each with a discount code to reward the Facebook user for his time.

Oh, and if you’re curious I scored 11 out of 15.—MT


  1. Love these quizzes, and love the site too. They seem to be doing lots right.

  2. A really innovative team = in my humble opinion. Their catalogues are good too