Monday, 11 July 2011

Cross-Atlantic's top 7 of 2011

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Curious to know what you've missed in the year to date? Catch up here with our seven biggest stories of 2011 so far, as measured by click-throughs
  1. Targeting the Nordics—with a mature ecommerce market, efficient postal system, and a good availability of prospecting data, Scandinavia presents an attractive opportunity, but there are several other points to consider too
  2. Compare and contrast Best Buy—analysing the differences between Best Buy's US website and its UK counterpart
  3. Compare and contrast Clarks—Clarks' overseas business is said to be booming with sales up 19 percent in the USA. So just what makes it so popular with American consumers?
  4. European online sales overtake the US—European online retail sales now exceed those in the US, according to a new report
  5. EU parliament adopts amended consumer rights rules—members of the European parliament (MEPs), the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection and the Council of the European Union agree amendments to the EU Consumer Rights Directive.
  6. Catalogues drive international sales for Next—Next doubles international sales and plans for more growth
  7. International study indicates huge potential for mobile retail—a report on mobile shopping shows that UK consumers are willing to shop by mobile and closing the gap on their US cousins--MT

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