Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Give them some credit, they’re celebrities

The Cashmere Centre seems to have taken a leaf out of Derby House’s copy of How to Use Celebrity Endorsements in Your Catalogues. I picked up the former's Winter Sale edition to find on the cover a photo of TV presenter Angela Rippon. But there was no mention of her name, so it crossed my mind that she was perhaps a look-a-like. I flicked through the book and found another shot of Angela modelling the Shelagh 4-ply Cowl Neck jumper, but still no confirmation that she was the former Top Gear presenter. I turned the page and finally, a testimonial from Angela how much she loves the quality of the Cashmere Centre’s knitwear.
Angela Rippon models in the catalogue several more times, but it’s all very low key. Why isn’t Cashmere Centre shouting about this stamp of approval from a celebrity who is still a household name? Why is her name only mentioned in passing, signing off a testimonial? Why isn’t she used as a selling point on the website in an “as worn by…” feature?
You’d think that after convincing a celebrity to pose in the catalogue, they’d at least make a big deal of it. Otherwise, it might as well be another anonymous model. --MT

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