Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Making ample use of an opportunity

Last week I wrote about how Jigsaw managed to turn the problem of a sluggish website into an opportunity to communicate with its customers and promote its summer sale. This weekend Ample Bosom dealt with problems on its site in a similar way.

In an email, Sally Robinson (whom I assume is the owner of the cataloguer) starts off by thanking me for being a valued customer (if you’ve met me, you’re well aware that I don’t fall into the company’s target market, but I did request a catalogue once) before cutting to the chase: “Unfortunately, as some of you have already noticed, we have been having website problems; our online search is currently out of order--but we are working on it and all the problems should be resolved soon. You can still browse and order online by using our brands page. Simply click on the brand logos and view all the items that we sell. Please click HERE to see our brands page. If you can’t find what you are looking for then please contact us...” She provides not just her email address but also a phone number, a fax number, and a postal address.

Clearly Sally understands the importance of offering customers multiple channels of communication, not just the channels that work best for the company. If my bosom were indeed ample, I’d make a point of ordering from her company, on the basis of this friendly, conscientious, concerned email alone.--SC

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  1. Hiya, we've just signed up to one another's Twitter feed and I was having a quick peek through your blog - very interesting. I spotted your references to AB and want to say that I've been a happy customer for years. Sally and her friendly and helpful team do a fabulous job from a farmhouse deep in the Yorkshire Dales. Order one day and your new undies arrive within a day, or two at the most. Their web site has always been a bit clunky, but they do indeed know all about customer service. Julie.