Friday, 10 July 2009

A prize worth winning

Organic and fine food distributor Cotswold Fayre gets a thumbs up from me for its innovative use of incentives in business-to-business selling.
To celebrate its 10th anniversary Cotswold Fayre isn’t offering a naff free gift with every purchase, or a 10-percent off sale. Instead it is offering something I think would make a much more appreciated prize.
Each of its customers who place an order with a Cotswold Fayre sales rep before 31st July will receive a mystery shopping experience—including a complete feedback report—worth £125.
I like this offer for three main reasons:
1. The early order date allows Cotswold Fayre to more effectively forecast its Christmas stock requirements
2. The offer appears to be open to all customers, not just a select few
3. The prize is genuinely useful, and can be used to provide much-needed insight into a business's operations. In other words Cotswold Fayre is offering food for thought!—MT

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