Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Three more emails we love

Email number one: Uttam Direct

Subject line: How to Wear Prints
Why we love it: Sure, it’s selling product, but the tone of the email is more that of one friend helping out another than of a company pushing its wares. Uttam is promoting its apparel under the guise of advice—figure-enhancing advice at that, which is a bulls-eye for its fashionable audience. And it doesn’t simply suggest the ideal dress for each figure type; it suggests the appropriate scarf and bag for each dress as well, which is sure to help boost average order values.

Email number two: TripAdvisor

Subject line: TripAdvisor’s Meals from Hell
Why we love it: The actual headline of the text is “Meals from Hell vs. Food of the Gods”, but let’s face it: It’s much more fun to read reviews of truly dreadful restaurants than of fabulous ones. (Schadenfreude, anyone?) This email offers links to consumer reviews of the best and worst holiday eating experiences (my favourite review is titled “If you want indigestion this is the place for you”). Once you’re on the TripAdvisor site, I defy you to exit without poking around at more reviews and, while you’re at it, doing a bit of research for your next trip. Which is undoubtedly the idea behind this email. To adapt this to an ecommerce site, you could send an email of links to your site’s most entertaining customer-written product reviews. In fact, you could first encourage customers to submit an entertaining review by offering a discount for, say, the five best reviews, and then follow up with an email linking to them.

Email number three: Bishopton Trading Co

Subject line: Groovy Glastonbury Offer--Free Post and Packing all weekend!
Why we love it: Not for the subject line; inconsistent capitalisation drives us nuts. Not for the graphics, which are frankly amateurish. It’s for the informality of the text, which perfectly suits this retailer of fair-trade, hippie-esque attire. The copy, in its entirety: “We’re getting in the Glastonbury Groove!! We are offering free post and packing on all orders for UK delivery for the Festival weekend. P.S. Bruce (Springsteen), if you’re reading this, the ladies in our Glastonbury shop would love you to pop in!” So, ladies, did he?--SC

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  1. Nice to see Uttam's creative is simple and fresh and customer focused. Enormously bored of seeing every fashion etailer doing Grazia / Net-a-Porter creative, aren't you?