Thursday, 23 July 2009

A nice save from Jigsaw

Apparently fashion retailer Jigsaw failed to anticipate how much traffic its summer sale would drive to its website. As a result, many visitors to the site on the first day of the sale faced slow-loading pages or simply couldn’t gain access. The next day, Jigsaw sent an email apologising for the problem and explaining that “we have been working hard overnight to improve the site speed, so we hope that you can now make the most of our sale reductions (up to 35% off)…” Embedded in the copy was a link to take recipients straight to the sale pages. The fact that it was a text message, rather than HTML, made the message seem more sincere and not at all like a sales pitch—great for building customer-brand empathy. At the same time, the email acted as a reminder to those who may not have tried to log on that the Jigsaw sale was still on. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade... --SC

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