Thursday, 28 May 2009

An email idea to steal

Received an email from knitwear cataloguer Brora that I loved: "We noticed you haven't bought from us yet..." read the subject line. The message itself was also straightforward: "We are really proud of this season's collection yet we don't seem to have tempted you to buy from us. Tell us why and we will send you a personalised discount code giving you 15% off your next order."

Embedded was a link to a page asking why Ihaven't purchased, with several replies to choose from, including "I couldn't find anything I liked in the latest collection", "Remind me who you are?", "I didn't enjoy my last experience", and the box I ticked off, "I am saving my pennies right now". There was also space left to add a comment.

I entered my response and within seconds received an email from Brora with my discount code.

What's so great about this effort: 1) It shows that Brora cares about my opinion and my custom; 2) It enables Brora to gather critical customer info very inexpensively; 3) It creates an additional point of contact with the customer; 4) It's so simple, for company and customer alike.

And yes, when I get home tonight I will revisit the Brora website, discount code at hand.--SC

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sherry, nothing wrong with the approach, though I find the copy rather clumsy. Why tell me that they are proud of themselves in the first place? They should be proud of me as critical customer...