Tuesday, 19 May 2009

No expense spared

As the MPs’ expenses scandal rumbles on, the latest to emerge from the Commons is that Michael Martin is set to become the first speaker to be driven from office since 1695 for his lack of leadership during the crisis. Quick to turn the scandal to email marketing gold was shopping portal MyDeco, which last week invited readers to “live like an MP—expense everything”.
In a begging letter to boss Brent Hoberman, the MyDeco folks asked for more modest items—they don’t need £9,000 to remove moles from the lawn, or £2,200 to clean the moat. Instead a laptop bag, a trampoline, and some mugs made their wish list. The more pricey items were expensed as necessities because “For under £1,000, I’ll get 30,000 cups of coffee--bargain! The extra work time I’ll gain by not popping out for a Costa fix MORE than makes up for the hefty price tag” and “I just can’t work when my desk is messy, and these drawers would make me much more productive!”
I thought I’d see more of these lists from multichannel merchants quick to spot a selling opportunity but so far MyDeco is out there on its own. To keep it company Catablogue e-business has come up with its own expenses form. Here's what we'd like
Miri—a new Apple Mac
Sherry—a fizzy drinks vending machine (for a neverending supply of Diet Coke)
Pauline—a relaxing massage chair
Tim—a leather sofa (for when meeting deadlines gets too stressful)
Steve D—a barbecue ("for staff parties in the summer")
Steve S—a diamond-encrusted calculator… well he is our financial controller. And after all, someone has to foot the bill.--MT

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