Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hush's soft sell

So many retailers' enewsletters claim to include editorial content, but so few of them actually do. Most of the ones I receive are little more than offers for their products, praise for their products, and photos of their products.

Not so the weekly enewsletter from loungewear cataloguer Hush. Each edition is filled with recommendations about other companies that customers--fairly affluent women--might like, along with book and music reviews and the occasional recipe. Sure, Hush offers are mentioned, but down by the bottom. It's the softest possible sell (in keeping with a company called Hush, no?), and the generosity of the company toward other marketers with whom it is competing for a portion of consumers' disposal income (even if the other merchants aren't selling loungewear and jammies per se) makes you want to do business with Hush, if only to reward niceness. Well, that's not the only reason--the merchandise really does look soft and comfy and lush.--SC

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