Thursday, 14 May 2009

When delivery isn't delivery

"Express Delivery" declares the pseudo dot whack on the front cover of the summer catalogue from promotional products mailer 4imprint. Below that red headline is the declaration "1, 2 & 5 day service at no extra cost".

Wow, I thought, free next-day delivery. Impressive!

And it would be impressive, if that's what 4imprint meant by "express delivery". But on page 32 there are all sorts of conditions, no least this: "Express service production time does not include days in transit. We will guarantee to despatch your promotional products within 1, 2 or 5 days." In other words, it's not the delivery that's express, but the turnaround time from receipt of order--which to be fair includes personalisation--till despatch of order.

I can't decide if I feel misled or stupid. But either sentiment does not leave me inclined to order from 4imprint.--SC

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