Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tell me more

With a nod to our regular contributor Herschell Gordon Lewis, a recent email from apparel cataloguer Joe Browns was met with the reaction “Huh?”
“Huh?” because half-way down the email in between “bright and breezy” womenswear and “men’s festival fashion” was a banner ad promoting 5 percent off and free shipping at entertainment etailer CD Wow.
“Huh?” because there was no explanation, anywhere, of this partnership. I’m used to emails that say “we’ve teamed up with our friends at…” but there was nothing here to tell me what Joe Browns has to do with CD Wow or for how long this promotion has been running.
“Huh?” because when I clicked through to the CD Wow site I saw my discount automatically applied and a Joe Browns logo but still no further details.
And “Huh?” because Joe Browns seems only to be promoting this partnership within its emails. I couldn’t find any further information on the Joe Browns website, blog, or catalogue.
Yes, as Herschell often writes, the web is price-driven. But is our attention span so short and so focused on getting the best deal that retailers can now leave out all the other details from selling copy? I, for one, hope not.—MT

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