Friday, 24 April 2009

The Ex factor

When you sell branded goods it makes sense to engage the customer by personalising the offering. Apparel etailer Extremepie has hit on a great idea to promote its supplier roster at the same time as stamping its “voice” on the page spreads of its spring/summer catalogue: It includes a short introductory paragraph that highlights a particular benefit or provides a nugget of information on each of the supplier companies featured. For example, did you know that Animal was founded by two surfers fed up of losing their watches whilst out on the waves? And were you aware that motorcross apparel company Fox Racing is still run by its founders and their four children, or that Roxy is using organic materials for its premium range?
There are also at least three competitions/giveaways promoted in the catalogue and plenty of calls to action to hook customers in, so if they get bored of reading, Extremepie will have them clicking. --MT

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