Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Switchover savvy

Digital switchover is coming. And in our sleepy little town it’s coming on 1st July, or so I’ve heard. Is my TV ready for it? Seems that Argos has the answer.

The home and electricals retailer is getting the most out of the impending changeover to a digital TV signal by sending an email that not only promotes its latest digital TV offers but also goes some way to explain how switching needn’t be another thing to stress about.

Here Argos takes a gentler approach. There’s no hard sell. Reassuringly, the email looks like it’s affiliated with Digital UK, the independent organisation leading the process of digital TV switchover. It links back to the Digital UK website as well as to more information on freesat, the BBC’s subscription-free service. Also reassuring is that there’s no scaremongering. No threats that I won’t be able to watch my favourite programmes unless I take up Argos’s digital TV offers. In fact, the email even says that I may be able to continue watching my telly after switchover without taking any further action. Phew!

By being the first retailer to send me such an email—and making it a good one—Argos has its foot in the door. So if I were looking to replace any televisions in my house, this email may have just convinced me that it’s easy with Argos.--MT

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