Thursday, 9 April 2009

No soup nuts for you

For the second year in a row, I ordered my Passover food from J.A. Hyman Titanics (motto: "The store where you shop, we schlep"). All was well and good, until I checked my packages and realised that the five boxes of mandlen, or soup nuts, were missing. Imagine tucking into an Easter dinner absent the ham, and you'll have an idea of how woebegone I was.
After scrabbling through the cartons, I found the packing slip and saw that "unavailable" had been written across the listing for the mandlen. Okay, things happen, soup nuts go astray, I can live with that (sniffle). But why hadn't J.A. Hyman contacted me earlier to let me know that the mandlen were missing and to suggest some substitutes? J.A. Hyman could have salvaged an additional few quid (the five boxes of mandlen cost nearly £11), and I'd have ordered something--another box of matzos at the very least--to accompany my matzo-ball soup. Sigh.--SC

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