Wednesday, 1 April 2009

One for the road

I'll be heading up to London later today to attend tomorrow's Cat X Factor Conference and the ECMOD Awards dinner. I'm especially excited about the conference, presented by two internet pros I've had the privilege of working with over the years: ecommerce doyenne Amy Africa and SEM guru Stephan Spencer. They're not only highly knowledgeable but also very entertaining. I've moderated panels on which both of them appeared, and boy, was it tough to hold my own. (That's assuming I even did manage to do so.)

The only downside, for me, is that because I'll be travelling today, I won't be able to partake in my annual Ronnie Lane birthday celebration. Ronnie Lane was a criminally underappreciated songwriter/performer, formerly of the Faces and Small Faces, who died in 1997 of MS at the age of 51. Each year on his birthday I play as many of his solo CDs as my family will let me get away with, but I won't have the opportunity to do so today. Well, maybe I'll be able to sneak in a few visits to YouTube.--SC

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