Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Too old for Asos?

I was going to post a note about how impressed I was with Asos’s 12 top tips for staying stylish on a budget email. I loved the way it appeals to cash-strapped fashionistas without sounding desperate or gloomy about the economy. And the tips were pretty good too, though I am not too keen on the socks with heels trend.
But between receiving the email and composing this post, another Asos email landed in my inbox. Which brings me onto the real topic of today’s post—I think I am too old for Asos.
This has come as quite a shock to me, and frankly I’m hurt. First I don’t get the heels/socks trend, then I receive an email featuring 90s grunge as a fashion flashback. Uh-oh. Were the 90s that long ago that they now qualify to be a fashion flashback? They must be. But I am not quite 30 yet. And I've been a follower of Asos since before the Buncefield oil depot explosion destroyed its warehouse and catapulted the company into the public eye. Back then I was just 25 and a prime Asos target. I have grown older but it hasn’t. I am Wendy to Asos’s Peter Pan.
I fear my next emails from Asos will be trading me up to its maternity range or kidswear products… Asos has me in an age limbo. So where do I go from here?--MT

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  1. "I am Wendy to Asos’s Peter Pan" - LOL

    I don't know about you but I've never been the type to 'get the look'. I don't want to look like Pixie Geldof. When I shop, I look for individual items that I like, be they in Dorothy Perkins or LK Bennett.

    If you approach ASOS on that basis, then it works whatever age you are. And the beauty of ASOS is that you don't risk the ritual humiliation that comes from walking into Miss Selfridge or TopShop with all the 21-year olds.

    I personally think that ASOS have this covered - admittedly their e-mails do have lots of 'look like Alexa!' and 'the 90s are back!' but they also have lots of images of individual bits and pieces and that's what I look for.

    Or maybe I am just kidding myself.