Monday, 16 March 2009

3D Secure—all smoke and mirrors?

3D Secure, a scheme developed by Visa and Mastercard to reduce the incidence of unauthorised and fraudulent use of cards online, is technically already mandatory for online merchants accepting Maestro payments. With the original deadline given as 30th June 2007, CataBLOGue e-business knows of at least three merchants who have still not switched 3D Secure on at their online shops. And as it appears that so little “official” information is available for merchants to help them understand the scheme, is it any wonder that many are asking what’s in it for them?

In an upcoming issue of Catalogue e-business we will explore the topic of 3D Secure and attempt to uncover the facts behind the waffle. We hope to bring you answers to questions such as: What is the official and final deadline for implementing 3D Secure? What happens in the days and weeks following the deadline for those who still eschew the scheme? Will penalties be levied and if so how much?

If you have questions about 3D Secure, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Even better if you can provide some answers! You can contact us via the blog or email –MT

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