Thursday, 19 March 2009

The mysteries of Temps L

A Temps L catalogue crossed my desk for the first time this week; leafing through it and drilling through its website raised more questions than it answered.

1) What does "Temps L" mean? According to my schoolgirl French, it translates to "L Time". Um, okay?

2) Who are they? The website has no "About Us" (tsk, tsk), and apparently "Who are you?" is not a frequently asked question, judging from the FAQs page. According to the website's "legal notice", Temps L is owned by a French company, Domoti SOS, but that's all it says.

3) Is anyone really so desperate to get rid of cats and dogs in their garden that they'd scent their property with eau de skunk? Temps L sells Skunk Shot Repellent, a liquid that "reproduces the odour produced by the skunk to ward off attackers". And it's not a version of the smell that only dogs and cats can smell: "Beware: Under no circumstances should you use or even open this very special repellent indoors," warns the product copy. I used to live in a neighborhood much-beloved by skunks; many was the spring and summer evening when we had to close all our windows to stave off their stink. Give me a bit of dog poo or cat pee on my lawn any day.--SC

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