Monday, 23 March 2009

Royal silliness

That bastion of morality, News of the World, is accusing cataloguer Party Pieces of cashing in on Kate Middleton’s relationship with Prince William to promote its princess-themed party accessories. Middleton, the girlfriend of the prince, is also the daughter of Party Pieces founders Michael and Carole Middleton.

According to the newspaper, "Kate’s well-known face is plastered on a website and glossy brochure pushing EIGHTY-FOUR princess-theme products—from tiaras and dresses to wands and fairytale stagecoaches." I found just one photo of Kate, in which she poses alongside two other Party Pieces staff and isn't even identified by name. Nor does she appear anywhere among the photos of the princess-related products--and never mind that it’s all but impossible to run a successful party business without offering princess-theme goodies for little girls. (Trust me on this--I'm the mum of a nine-year-old daughter who has thankfully outgrown her princess stage.)

Even the News of the World's readers think that the newspaper is making "another mountain out of a molehill", to quote one of the comments on its website. Never mind: It is only News of the World, after all.--SC

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