Monday, 16 March 2009

The Apple of the my eye

The motherboard of my HP laptop having deserted the ship after less than two years, I decided to spend the extra money and return to my first computer love, a Mac. I order a MacBook from the Apple Store in what was one of the simplest shopping transactions for a complex item I've ever experienced. Every configuration option was spelled out, with links for more information that led me right back to the page I'd been on (something that's much rarer than one might think). Shortly after submitting my order I received an email confirmation complete with the date when I can expect to receive my new machine (within 10 days). Several hours later I received another email, a "welcome to the Apple family" sort of thing, with links to instructional videos and the like. All in all, I'm left with that warm-and-fuzzy feeling of loyalty that's priceless for any retailer.

Incidentally, since the premature demise of my HP (did I mentioned that the thing crapped out on me after less than two years?), I've had to resort to using an ancient, battered laptop we've had stashed away. How old is this computer? Let me put it this way: It's a Compaq from the days when Compaq wasn't owned by HP. The "b" key sticks somewhat, and the plastic button for the "1" key is gone, but it loads faster than my husband's two-year-old HP, and I was able to copyedit galleys for an entire 142-page book on it using Acrobat Pro. So take that, HP.--SC

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