Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Missing a trick

In January I became a dog owner. As it’s the first time I’ve ever owned a puppy I signed myself up to as many pet supplies enewsletters as I could find. And being rather “green” at this puppy lark I was particularly open to offers, advice and information from specialist retailers and dog experts. I was disappointed with what was presented to me.

I was unimpressed to find just one page of pet supplies on Catalink, and some of the catalogues featured weren’t that relevant anyway. Ditto iPoints, which had some great offers on pet insurance, but only two pet supplies retailers signed up to its scheme.

Pet supplies retailers are also missing a trick with product despatch. So far I’ve ordered from two different stores and neither put special-offer leaflets in my parcel. I didn’t get a catalogue or a free sample or even any third-party inserts for related items from other retailers. So tell me, why should I come back?

Maybe I’m being too harsh. Some of the websites I’ve looked at do have lots of information but I have to dig deep to find what I am looking for and it's not presented in the most user-friendly way. The enewsletters I’ve received since January do a basic job of putting product in front of me but I am not getting “added value”—a factor so often talked about by email marketing gurus. I want a bit of hand-holding. I want to feel reassured. I want some more social-media elements in the emails—reviews, links to videos, how-to guides, buyers' guides, ask the expert features, tips, health advice, competitions… I want the retailer to know I own a young dog and I want offers to suit my requirements. In short I guess I want to be treated as a new parent.

Maybe I just haven’t been signing up to the right enewsletters or buying from the right shops. Go ahead, prove me wrong: show me that there are some truly engaging pet supplies catalogues and enewsletters out there and earn a ticket out of the dog house.—MT

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