Friday, 20 March 2009

Missing a trick—part two

I got a bit of grief from my colleagues for my last post. “He’s just a dog,” they scoffed. “You don’t need 360-degree views of a dog bed… You’re asking for too much…” But they were missing the point—I don’t want the moon on a stick, I just want to get offers specific to me. I want to know why I should buy the expensive nail clippers over the cheap ones and a link to the page on the site where I could browse the entire range. To further add to my despair, yesterday I got an email from one etailer promoting kitty litter. It was then that someone introduced me to the website of Doctors Foster and Smith a business founded by two former vets. I finally found a site that did everything right—they even had a new-puppy section where I could sign up to a special email that focused exclusively on puppies and featured advice, tips and products tailored to my dog’s age and breed. Hurrah!
Just a shame that they are based 3,712 miles away in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. That’s a bit too far to go for kibble, isn’t it? --MT

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