Thursday, 19 March 2009

Three cheers!

Congrats to my alma mater Chief Marketer back in the States for winning a min award for best site design/relaunch. When we launched Chief Marketer a few years back it was just a weekly enewsletter aggregating the best of the company's other publications, with a bit of commentary from yours truly (and that was only because I was the lone sucker--err, loyal employee--to volunteer to produce the thing). It has since grown to become a network that includes the Big Fat Marketing Blog, which also won a min award, for best b-to-b blog. Kudos!

And kudos, too, to my colleagues across the road at Catalogue Exchange for the relaunch this week of The new, improved website offers member news, forums, a supplier directory, and much more. If you're not familiar with Catalogue Exchange, "the only trade group for print and online catalogue marketers", you should definitely check it out and consider joining--benefits included discounts on industry events, group-buying arrangements, and (best of all, in my humble opinion) a complimentary subscription to Catalogue e-business magazine.--SC

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