Tuesday, 10 March 2009

"High on a hill was a lonely goat..."

What does fashion merchant White Stuff have to do with The Sound of Music? Beats me--but I don't really care, not when there are pictures in the latest White Stuff catalogue of goats wearing Tyrol hats and blond braids.

White Stuff's spring edition has a Sound of Music theme. Some of the fashion shoots are set against rolling Alpine-esque hills; interstitial pages include an ad for a faux album, The Sound of Meowsic ("including classics like 'Edelmice', 'Do, Re, Meow', 'Climb Every Curtain' and many, many more"), a list of "top ten bizarre Bavarian activities", and instructions for making cardboard lederhosen. There's also a joint promotion with Edelweiss beer (ah! that explains the Austrian theme) in which one lucky entrant wins a weekend trip to Salzburg and tickets to the Sound of Music tour. And there's a limited-time offer of free P&P, so long as you quote the code "goat" at checkout. All of which ensures that recipients will give the catalogue more than a passing glance.

If only I could now get the song "Edelweiss" out of my mind.

PS--It's not part of the theme, but perhaps by favourite part of the entire catalogue is on the back cover: "Yipee! Freepost exchanges & returns are absolutely FREE". I'm a sucker for a well-placed "yipee!"--SC

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