Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Say what?

I really wanted to include an item about the launch of Organikastores.co.uk as part of today's Catalogue e-business News Roundup. But I couldn't, because the press release was impenetrable.

The first sentence of the release, verbatim: "Becky Hawksworth, Founder of The Organika group announed the groups launch of it's first interactive website www.organikastores.co.uk." That's cut-and-pasted directly from the release--I did not introduce any of the typos.

Just as damning as the illiteracy of the prose is the lack of information. Who or what is the Organika Group? Does it have stores? Did it exist prior to the launch of this website?

Then, near the end of the release (again, cut-and-pasted directly from the document itself): "In the next coupleof weeks Organikas' other complimentary web stores will be 'live'

"Ethical Fashion has moved to http://www.ethicool-fashion.com/

"Cosmetics is at http://www.organikacosmetica.com/

"and the largest selection of Organic Wines in the WORLD!! at http://www.taylors-winewarehouse.com/".

Are these new businesses? Existing entities with a bricks-and-mortar presence?

Sorry if this seems harsh. But if your press release isn't going to release to the press the basic information they need--who, what, where, when--in an easily understandable format, then the time and money spent on it is simply wasted, my friend.--SC

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  1. Thank you for the 'shout' in your blog. As mentioned in my email message to you I would be happy to give you any background that you seek. I would advise that I am not a Public Relations professional and therefore will outsource this requirement in due course.