Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mum always puts the lid on...

A few years ago there was an ad for a multipurpose cleaner that featured a dad and a kid making a mess around the kitchen. It went something along the lines of Dad doing everything wrong, causing chaos and destruction while the boy followed him around with “helpful” tips such as “mum always lets the dog out…” My favourite bit in the ad—hence the title of this post—is when Dad uses the blender and the boy sighs: “Mum always puts the lid on…” Frustrated Dad then says “Mum works too hard” and whips out his bottle of Flash to clean up in no time at all.

So what does this have to do with direct selling? Well, Mum does work too hard and on Mother’s Day she should get proper recognition for everything she does for her family (See Sherry’s earlier post on what not to buy your mother this year unless she’s stuck in a time warp).

Some marketers have realised this and pulled out all the stops to secure Mother a decent present this year. One email that has impressed us so far is Beauty Bay’s latest offer. Each item is tailored a specific personality trait—“on the go mums, nature loving mums” or has a particular benefit—“mums who need some ‘me-time’, for the mum who needs pampering…” I’m sure there are plenty of mums out there who’d love the Diamond Pristine Pedicure set—especially if part of the treat was a foot massage!

Another winner this Mother’s Day is The White Company. It is offering recipients of its email 15 percent off, free delivery, AND free gift wrapping. Even better, as the offer is only valid until tomorrow, The White Company is encouraging early-bird ordering. No rush to the garage on Sunday morning to buy a bunch of wilting flowers this year!—MT

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